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At Venture Architects we perform all design and production using a Building Information Modeling (BIM) process; our platform of choice is Autodesk Revit Architecture. Using this process gives us several advantages over our competition - advantages that can be passed on to the owner in the form of smoother, faster projects and reduced cost.

The advantages of BIM fall into three main categories:
  • More Efficient Design - Since everything is in 3 dimensions, our designers can more quickly catch errors, conflicts, and poor aesthetics earlier in the process. This leads to better solutions more quickly.
  • Better Communication - With a virtual model of the building, it is much easier for our designers to communicate effectively with owners, the public, or anyone unfamiliar with reading a traditional set of plans. This allows the entire project team to have a better understanding of the building and ensures that the owner is getting what they think they are getting.
  • Better Cost Tracking - BIM allows everything in the model to be digitally scheduled and tracked. Items and materials can also be assigned costs which can be extracted and totalled. All this leads to better, more accurate estimating and cost tracking.
Keynote Manager In fact, we believe strongly enough in the future of BIM that we have developed the Keynote Manager utility to aid working in Revit and are sharing it with the industry at no charge. Just click the icon to the left to download!* You can also click here for the readme/feature summary.

*Note that Keynote Manger now requires .NET 4.0 to be installed. .NET 4.0 can be installed free from Microsoft via the web installer or the standalone installer.
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